New Galaxy Watch Active2 Variants Launching in South Korea Soon!

Samsung are releasing two new Galaxy Watch Active2 variants in South Korea very soon. They should also be launched in Europe, Asia and the US in the future.
Feb 27, 2020

Samsung have introduced two new variants of their latest smartwatch, the Galaxy Watch Active2. So far, these variants are coming to South Korea, the company's home country.

The newest Golf Edition

So what are these two new variants? Starting off, we have the Galaxy Watch Active2 Golf Edition. As the name suggests, this variant is targeted towards golf participants. The smartwatch comes with an upgraded golf shot distance measurement that works by calculating the distance from where you take your shot, to where it lands. Calculated with GPS assistance. As well as this, there is a new built-in Smart Caddie app. This app is designed to give you over 40,000 golf courses worldwide. Like the other Galaxy Watch Active2 variants, this one comes in the 44mm and 40mm sizes. The 44mm comes in the colour Aqua Black and costs KRW 393,000 ($323). The 40mm, however, comes in the colour Pink Gold and costs KRW 359,700 ($295).

Back in 2018, Samsung released a golf edition for the Galaxy Watch after releasing one for the Gear S3 the year before. With the advanced health tracking of the Galaxy Watch Active2, you golfers may lean towards that smartwatch. However, the Galaxy Watch is still there if you don't find the health features that necessary.

Aluminium case with LTE/4G

The next variant that Samsung is releasing is the Galaxy Watch Active2 Aluminium with LTE connectivity. Before, there was only the Aluminium version of the Galaxy Watch Active2 was only available as a Bluetooth variant. Could we see a Stainless Steel Bluetooth version of the smartwatch? Alike the others, this variant is also coming in the 44mm and 40mm sizes. They are priced at KRW 359,700 ($295) and KRW 393,700 ($323). Both of the variants are coming in three colours: Aqua Black, Cloud Silver, and Pink Gold.

These variants will be available in South Korea very soon and should be coming to other markets in the future. The Galaxy Watch Active2 Golf Edition will be launched in the UK and US in the future whereas the Aluminum LTE model will be launched in countries in both Asia and Europe.

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