New Leaked Image of Oppo Smartwatch that Mixes Samsung and Apple Features

The newly leaked Oppo smartwatch looks like a perfect blend between Apple and Samsung. This smartwatch is going to be launched very soon.
Feb 26, 2020

Oppo's new debut smartwatch has been officially teased by Oppo themselves but now we have a leak that was published to Weibo - a Chinese social network. It was also suggested that the Oppo smartwatch was powered by an "Android system". Obviously, this doesn't tell us much but it could mean that the smartwatch may be running Wear OS or a variant of it.

The design of the smartwatch reminds us of the Apple Watch due to the square screen. Unlike the Apple Watch series, the screen of this smartwatch is curved around the edges. This is very similar to the Infinity Edge Display that is used on Samsung's most recent smartphones.

The Leaked Render

The slant of the edges has made us wonder whether there might be a problem with glare along said edges. On the side of the Oppo smartwatch, there are two buttons rather than one button and a rotating bezel. This being another feature that sets it apart from the Apple Watch.

Oppo was supposed to launch their new smartwatch at Mobile World Congress but the event was shut down due to health concerns regarding the coronavirus. It is rumoured that the Oppo smartwatch will have an electrocardiogram like the Samsung Galaxy Watch Active2. It seems that Oppo has got features from both Samsung and Apple and have blended them.

Some people question the legitimacy of this render of the smartwatch. However, the launch date for the smartwatch has now moved to March 6th. So we don't have to wait too long before we find out if the render is a fake.

The insides of the smartwatch are a complete mystery as of now. Oppo could throw some major surprises at us given the company's history with experimenting with hardware. We cannot wait for the launch so then we can officially see the smartwatch for ourselves.

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