New Nokia Smartwatch with Wear OS Could be Seen at MWC 2020?

A new Nokia smartwatch is being rumoured about lately. This smartwatch could have an eSIM and could be shown off at MWC 2020.
Feb 5, 2020

There are more rumours spreading about smartwatches that are possibly going to make an appearance soon. This time, it is not the Galaxy Watch 2. Instead, these rumours are about a new Nokia smartwatch that is possibly is being developed and prepared for release.

We can possibly expect to see this Nokia smartwatch presented to the world at MWC 2020 which is on the 23rd February - not too long left to go now people! This event is taking place in Catalonia in Barcelona.

The Smartwatch could have an eSIM and Wear OS?

So far, not many things are known about this mysterious smartwatch as of now. However, there are a couple of things we suspect. One of these being the inclusion of eSIM support. This is going to be for standalone connectivity so then your smartwatch doesn't have to rely on your smartwatch all of the time. Due to the Google certification that comes along with the watch, we suspect that Wear OS is going to be powering the smartwatch.

nokia smartwatch

There will probably be more variants of the smartwatch such as a Bluetooth-only model. As well as this, we don't know which markets this Nokia smartwatch is going to be released first. A Europe rollout seems likely but many Nokia smartphones as of late have gone to the US first. So, this will be a case where we will have to wait and see.

The Device Was Cancelled in the Past - What About Now?

Something to keep in mind whilst reading about this smartwatch is that a while ago another smartwatch was cancelled. So, could this smartwatch be cancelled too? That's something we will also find out in the future. Of course, this rumour may be completely false but it's good to be realistic.

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