The Galaxy Watch LTE model has recently received a firmware update. Now, one may think ‘What’s changed to make the smartwatch better?’ This update seems to have actually caused a bit of a problem.

From feedback that we have directly received to the IoT Gadgets Team, the galaxy watch facebook group, and issue raised with Samsung – quite a few people have been complaining that their watches barely make it through the day. The software update for the Galaxy Watch LTE in question is R800XXU1DSL1 Tizen But, we’ve seen a lucky few who have said that they can get two whole days out of it. How lucky indeed.

The users can go through a day barely touching the Galaxy Watch LTE and find that the battery has been drained. These people have found that their smartwatch has gone down by 50% by the end of a single day whereas Samsung have stated that their hardware can last in the region of 5 days on a single charge – with ‘light usage’. Now as we can see, that figure is realistically way less.

Usually we would advise people to factory reset their smartwatch and reconfigure their settings to resolve this issue. We would not advise people to restore a backup, but manually do the settings. This STILL hasn’t fixed this problem for many. Is this a firmware issue or possibley an app that is not playing well with its new environment?

At the moment it might be a good idea to skip this version and see how you fair under a newer software version.