Samsung Health Updated with Menstrual Cycle Tracking and Calendar

Feb 26, 2020

Health and fitness is a major concern to us all, especially in these modern times of unhealthy fast food and stress. Your smartphone does have the capability of helping you in this fight to improve yourself - both mentally and physically. Samsung Health can be an important tool in this fight and it has now been updated for menstrual cycle tracking and calendar. The latest update for Samsung health is now version

We've gradually seen the gradual Increase of women using tech for fitness and wellbeing. Samsung health already always you to track your active time, excercise, steps, food calories, sleep, weight, heart rate, stress, water, and floors climbed. This sounds like a comprehensive list, and it is, but the addition of menstrual cycle tracking and calendar make it more of a compelling solution for women.

Current solutions for menstrual cycle tracking are either paid for or are poorly designed. Obviously, Samsung has taken the time to implement a solution that fits the bill.

The update is available from the Google Play Store or Galaxy Apps.

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