Which Galaxy Watch Active2 Variant Should You Buy? 40mm or 44mm?

If you need help deciding which Galaxy Watch Active2 variant you should buy, you should probably go through the pros and cons on both sizes.
Feb 18, 2020

Getting a newer smartwatch can be a pretty quick decision. But what about the size of the smartwatch? What features changes between the variant of sizes of the Galaxy Watch Active2? So, we are going over what size of the Galaxy Watch Active2 (40mm or 44mm) you probably need depending on your needs and wrist size.

The 44mm variant of the smartwatch

As the Galaxy Watch Active2 44mm is bigger in general, you get a bigger display and a bigger battery. The display size of the 44mm variant is 1.4" whereas the size for the 40mm variant is 1.2". If you are someone who likes to use their smartwatch that little bit more, you have an additional 100mAh to play about with. If you do have a bit more of a smaller wrist, then the bulky 44mm variant of the smartwatch may not be for you.

What about the battery?

There aren't any other differences when it comes to other aspects of the smartwatch such as connectivity, sensors in the smartwatch and durability. In our tests, you should be able to get about full two days out of the 44mm variant of the Galaxy Watch Active2. The Galaxy Watch Active2 44mm has a 340mAh battery and the 40mm has a 247mAh battery. This is with every feature in use based off of consumer reviews and our own testing. That's pretty impressive as usually other smartwatches would drain relatively fast.

Weight of the smartwatch

Something you should also take into consideration is the weight of the smartwatch. You will probably want something that is able to sit on your wrist comfortably. The 44mm Stainless Steel weighs 42g whereas the Aluminum version weighs 30g. The 40mm Stainless Steel weighs 37g whereas the Aluminium version weighs 26g. All of the weights are taken without the watch band.

When you eventually buy the smartwatch, sure you can swap out the band to fit your wrist but you can't change the display once you've made your decision. So you better choose right the first time!

So, if your wrist is a little too small for the 44mm variant of the Galaxy Watch Active2, we have the 40mm variant. You could turn to this variant just because you prefer a smaller display or because it looks better on your wrist. This smaller battery of this variant may be a deciding factor you. Do you need the extra battery life? It all depends on how often you can charge and how you use your smartwatch throughout the day.

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