RealMe Smartwatch Revealed in CEO's YouTube Video

A Realme smartwatch could be in the works not too long after the company have released their fitness band. The details of the smartwatch were not disclosed.
Mar 31, 2020

Realme, a smartphone brand that has quickly risen the ranks, is not content with remaining in just the smartphone industry. Madhav Sheth, Realme's CEO says that there's a Realme smartwatch that can be expected too.

In a video that was posted on YouTube, Sheth shows the smartwatch on his wrist and says that it is the Realme smartwatch. Like quite a few others in the market, this smartwatch resembles the Apple Watch. This video is an interview part of Realme's "Ask Madhav" series.

realme smartwatch

Realme has already got a product in the fitness band market. The Realme fitness band is called the "Realme Band" and launched earlier this month. Naturally, the smartwatch is the next step for the company. During the video, Sheth didn't reveal many details about the smartwatch. All that was said about the product was, "It's on my wrist, and it will be on yours soon".

Not only is Realme producing a smartwatch, later on in the video, Sheth says that there will be Realme-branded Bluetooth speakers too. Just like the smartwatch, there weren't a lot of details disclosed here either.

Generally, companies tend to be very hush-hush about the new products that they have in line. However, the CEO is open and casually saying, "Yeah it's here, have a look, it's all good".

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