Latest Samsung Smartwatch Deals for Galaxy Watch and Watch Active!

There are new Samsung smartwatch deals on Amazon UK. These smartwatches are the Samsung Galaxy Watch and Galaxy Watch Active.
Mar 21, 2020

Despite the world being thrown into havoc, you can still enjoy your Samsung smartwatch deals. On Amazon UK, the Galaxy Watch and Galaxy Watch Active have has their prices reduced. How exciting! These may not be the newest smartwatches in the market, but both are highly regarded and will have your back in your ... daily life.

Galaxy Watch

The Galaxy Watch comes in two sizes - the 46mm and 42mm. Unfortunately, this sale is only covering the Bluetooth variants of both sizes. This smartwatch has NFC meaning you can use Samsung Pay to just tap and go. As well as this, the Galaxy Watch supports Bluetooth version 4.2 which has a range of 40m. You can't go too far but you can still ditch your smartphone in some places.

The smaller version of the smartwatch is only available in the colours Midnight Black and Rose Gold. The larger variant only comes in the colour Silver. Nothing like the classics, eh? The 42mm version of the Galaxy Watch used to cost £279.99 but was then reduced to £240.00. The 46mm version however, costs £299.00 but was then reduced to £239.92.

Buy the Galaxy Watch on Amazon UK

samsung smartwatch deals

Galaxy Watch Active

The Galaxy Watch Active was the first Galaxy Watch that was directed at 'active' people. This smartwatch helps you track your exercises / steps throughout the day. If you're competitive, you can compete against someone else to get to a certain amount of steps in a certain amount of time. For example, 20,000 steps in a week. Competing against someone else is a guaranteed way to getting out and about.

This smartwatch only comes in the 40mm version and is on sale for three out of the four colours. These three colours are Black, Silver and Rose Gold. The smartwatch used to be £199.00 but is now selling for £165.00.

Buy the Galaxy Watch Active on Amazon UK

Come back soon for more Samsung smartwatch deals!

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