Galaxy Buds 2 Renders Show a Bean-Like Design

There have been some leaked renders of the Galaxy Buds 2 - not the official name for the wearable. The bean-like bud doesn't have a silicon tip.
Apr 10, 2020

Only last month, Samsung had released their Galaxy Buds Plus. Already there are rumours swirling around the Galaxy Buds 2. Keep in mind, this name hasn't been officially announced so we're still waiting for that special piece of information to emerge.

When Could We See the Galaxy Buds 2 Release?

So far, it's too early to properly tell when these earbuds will be released. The last time Samsung released a new product wasn't too long ago. So them making a spring debut is quite unlikely. However, if Samsung has already made a finalised production model, we could have these buds by autumn (fall). When it comes to the price, this is also hard to think of when we don't know the full capabilities of the buds. As the price of the Galaxy Buds Plus is $150, we can say that the price of the new buds may be in the range of $150 - $200.

The Special Bean Shape of the Wearable

The renders of the next-gen earbuds show that they are a lovely bean shape. This is the first time we're seeing this shape of the wireless earbud in the market. This is a good way to make them unique. According to WinFuture - the publisher of the renders - "Bean" is even Samsung's codename for them.

As there is no separate part that embeds itself into the ear canal, the Galaxy Buds 2 resemble the Apple AirPods more. From the renders, we can see what possibly is two microphones on the outer shell and perhaps a third on the inner shell. The charging contacts for the earbuds are visible as well as other areas that could serve as sensors. Maybe to detect if an earbud is seated in the ear properly. Additionally, as there are no visible buttons, we can assume that the buds will be touch-sensitive and the outer surface can be used to control them.

galaxy buds 2

Could This Design Be More Comfortable?

As there is no silicon ear tip for you to put into the ear canal, some may find it more comfortable as there will be less pressure there. On the other hand, the silicon tips are vital in order to keep earphones/buds in the ear securely. If they're removed, how secure are they going to be?

Can We Expect Better Sound?

As well as the fact that these earbuds could be less secure, they could be less effective at isolating the ear from external sounds. The silicon tip that is usually used is good at plugging the ear from hearing other sounds. However, the earbud fills the part of the ear that is immediately outside of the ear canal. This design is successfully used with hearing aids. It could possibly be a good settlement.

Will the Battery Life be Improved?

The best wireless earbuds in the market give users 11 hours of use between charges. The Galaxy Buds Plus do this. Long battery life is a feature that is usually due to the more efficient management of Bluetooth its connections. As the Galaxy Buds 2 seems to have a larger overall shape, there may be a larger battery packed in there, therefore, a longer battery life.

Hopefully, we'll get to know more as newer leaks and the official launch happen.

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