Galaxy Watch Active2 Golf Edition Now Selling in the UK!

The Galaxy Watch Active2 Golf Edition is now going to be sold in the UK. This smartwatch has dedicated golfing features for people who play golf.
Apr 3, 2020

The Galaxy Watch Active2 Golf Edition is now available for purchase in the UK. This special edition of the smartwatch has been released after Samsung's partnership with the Smart Caddie app. This app comes pre-installed on the smartwatch along with a lifetime premium subscription that's worth £76.

The Golfing Features for the Galaxy Watch Active2 Golf Edition

These smartwatches are said to have specific golfing features. These features are a Vivid Course Map, Accurate Course Information, Distances to the Green, Shot Tracking and, Automatic Course and Hole Recognition.

The Vivid Course Map feature gives you information on over 40,000 golf courses worldwide. As well as this, you're given satellite images and aerial mapped courses. The Accurate Course Information feature provides you with the distances as well as other information on the course you're on.

Distances to he Green is a feature that provides you with the distance from the user's location front, centre, and back of the green. Shot Tracking is there to help you automatically log the current shot position. The Automatic Course and Hole Recognition is there so that the users can select the golf course name and download all the data that they may need.

Compared to the ordinary Galaxy Watch Active2, the golf editions have gone through quite the transformation. The two colour schemes that we see are the grey with green highlights and the white with pink highlights. When it comes to the Galaxy Watch Golf Edition, the smartwatch was in the standard Silver colour.

Another difference that sets the Golf Edition from the original smartwatch is the price. The Galaxy Watch Active2 (44mm) is £259 whereas the Golf Edition raises the bar to £339. As of now, the 40mm version is not in stock yet but should arrive soon to start selling.

If you're a keen golf player, this may be the right smartwatch for you. Click here to go to the Samsung website and potentially purchase the smartwatch.

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