Google Fit Updates Focusing More on the Step Counter - Finally!

The Google Fit Team are rolling out updates for the Android app and Wear OS to satisfy its users. The step counter will have more focus on it.
Apr 8, 2020

Whilst everyone is in quarantine, the Google Fit team has decided to deliver a new look to the Android app and Wear OS. Several changes have been set out to roll out in the next week or so. This is so that the user interface becomes more suited for the users. The upgrades will make more information more visible. The interface will be streamlined so that users can pull up the most important bits of information.

Back in 2018, only Heart Points and Move Minutes were displayed on the main screen. This was designed to push the classic calorie counter and pedometer as less important but this was not well-received. The Google Fit team seems to have received quite a bit of feedback regarding the trackers - step tracking is a very popular feature.

Google fit

With the updates, Heart Points will remain as the main metric. But, there will as be a step counter that will live alongside it on the circular screen. The circular graph will show two lines, one for your Heart Points and another for your steps. Move Minutes will be moved to live alongside the calorie and distance trackers.

All of the measurements will have small redesigns in text and colours to make the data more available at a glance.

What are Heart Points and Move Minutes?

You can earn Heart Points from activities that get your heart pumping. Activities like brisk walking, jogging, swimming and playing tennis. The American Heart Association and the World Health Organisation (WHO) recommend people to reach 150 Heart Points a week.

Move Minutes are pretty simple. Whenever you are doing an exercise that gets you moving, you earn more Minutes. If you're going for a walk, you earn one Move Minute every time you take at least 30 steps within a minute.

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