New Samsung Hand Wash App Helps You Build Healthy Habits

The new Samsung 'Hand Wash' app for Galaxy smartwatches has been developed to remind you to wash your hands. The aim is to help you develop healthy habits.
Apr 17, 2020

The Samsung 'Hand Wash' app is a wearable app that has been created in order to keep us safe during this pandemic. Designers and developers from the Samsung Institute-Bangalore (SRI-B's UX) and wearable teams have collaborated on this app. They have managed to pull the app together in just two weeks. To stay safe they have been remotely working from their homes.

As these days of quarantine may start to pass us by, we may start to forget to wash out hands regularly or as we should. We should be washing our hands for 20 seconds according to WHO. The Samsung Hand Wash app comes with preset reminders that users can customise further based on their schedules.

Each time the user initiates the wash sequence in the app, the app tracks the time. Additionally, it provides users with haptic feedback after 25 seconds. The extra five seconds are to account for the user to turn on the tap and apply soap. The next 20 seconds are for actually washing their hands. Another notification will be received if the user forgets to wash their hands at the scheduled time.

samsung hand wash app

How Google Differs From Samsung's Hand Wash App

This is unlike the reminders that have been updated to the clock app on Wear OS smartwatches. These reminders come every three hours rather than being customisable. As well as this, the Google reminders prompt you to wash your hands for 40 seconds rather than 20.

The Samsung Hand Wash app has been developed so that users can develop a healthy habit of washing their hands over a period of time.

Not only do you get a lovely app, but you also get a complimenting watch face. This allows the user to track their daily wash routine and shows them the time since they last washed their hands.

Galaxy Watch users are able to download the app for the Galaxy Store.

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