Samsung and Dezeen Competition Gives Winner A $10,000 Prize!

There's a Samsung and Dezeen competition for you to create an innovative design made of cardboard. If you do enter and win you'll get a prize of $10,000.
Apr 14, 2020

Samsung and Dezeen have teamed up to launch a global contest in order to find innovative designs for the home. These designs have to be made by repurposing cardboard packaging. This competition as been named the 'Samsung Out of the Box Competition' - a very fitting name.

The entries for the Samsung and Dezeen competition is open until the 29th May 2020. To enter the competition is free and you have to be over the age of 18.

What Do I Get if I Win?

If you do win you will get a prize that totals to $20,000. Additionally, it should be noted that the person that comes in first gets $10,000. Second place gets $5,000.Third place gets $3,000. Fourth and fifth place get $1,000 each. That should be motivation enough to enter, right?

The Samsung and Dezeen competition has been inspired by Samsung's Eco-Packaging. This type of packaging is part of Samsung's efforts to make the business more sustainable. They're doing this by making their components and manufacturing more environmentally friendly.

samsung and dezeen competition

Usually, electronic companies use thick, corrugated cardboard boxes to protect the product inside. Then, these boxes end up as waste - around 90 billion cardboard boxes are being disposed of after a single use every year in the US alone. Save the environment people!

What you may not have noticed is that each Eco-Packaging box is printed with a dot matrix pattern. However, if the box is opened out flat, these dots can be used as a guide to creating different objects for your home. Additionally, as these boxes are sturdy, it's good for creating these constructions.

How do you know where to cut and fold? Somewhere on the box should be a QR code. If you scan this, you should be provided with instructions on how to create a masterpiece. In the situation, you mess up on your first TV box, just buy another TV and try again!

If you are considering entering, head to Dezeen's website in order to get the brief and entry rules. Good luck!

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