Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Android 10 Update Now in the UK

The Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 has recieved the Android 10 update along with Samsung One UI 2.0. The version number of the update is T865XXU2BTC7.
Apr 23, 2020

The Galaxy Tab S6 has finally got the Android 10 update in the UK. The version number for this update is T865XXU2BTC7 and is 2165.34MB - a huge download, so please use WiFi. With Android 10, the Galaxy Tab S6 will also be receiving One UI 2.0. Two major updates rolled into one package.

What's New?

To start off, we have a dark mode. This adjusts the colour of the UI when you activate the mode. For example, wallpapers, widgets and alarms will be darkened when this mode is on. Next, we have cleaner app icons and system colours. As well as this, there will be improved layouts in order to get rid of wasted screen space.

Navigation Gestures

There have been new navigation gestures added as part of Android 10 to help you get around the interface better. Speaking of the interface, there are more 'refined interactions' with the interface. You can navigate more comfortably on the large screen without moving your finger as much. Additionally, the buttons have been highlighted so that you can focus on them better.

When it comes to accessibility, the high contrast keyboards and large text have been improved. As well as this, you can listen to live speech and have it displayed as text.

The text over wallpapers has been improved - you can see it more clearly as One UI automatically adjusts the on and colours based on the lights and dark areas of the image below. The SmartThing panel has been replaced with the Media and Devices. 'Media' is to control music and videos that are playing on your phone (and other devices). 'Devices' is there so you can check and control your SmartThings devices straight from the quick panel.

Your digital wellbeing has been improved. You can set goals in order to keep your device usage in check. As well as this, you can activate a Focus mode in order to keep on track and avoid distractions.

Camera App

The camera now has an added ability to edit the modes that appear at the bottom of the screen. There is now a 'More' tab so that you can still access the camera mode you've chosen to hide. Additionally, you can focus more on the picture you're taking as the settings have been moved with the improved layout.

When it comes to the internet, you're able to customise the quick menu in order to get instant access to features you use the most often. To get even more features, you're also able to install add-ons from the Galaxy Store.

Sometimes, you may delete a contact and immediately regret it. Now, there is a trash feature that has been added. When you delete a contact, it'll stay in the trash for 15 days before being deleted forever on the Galaxy S6 Tab.

Calendar and Reminders

Now on the Calendar, you're able to add stickers to a date without having to add an event. As well as this, you can now use your ringtones for event alerts. On the Reminder app, there are more options when it comes to repeating a reminder. When setting reminders, you're able to make them location-based for a specific amount of time.

My Files App

Like deleting your contacts, if you delete a file and regret it, there is a trash feature so that you can restore them. When you're searching for a specific file, there are more filters you can add in order to find it as quickly as possible. You can now copy/move multiple files or folders to different destinations at the same time - that'll save you some time. The Calculator has been improved with speed and time units being added to the unit converter.

Samsung Keyboard

The Samsung keyboard now has a multilingual translation feature has been added as well as a text undo/redo feature. When you're searching for music from Spotify, you can do it directly from the keyboard. There is a new icon to open Samsung Pass - you can access your password with a press of a button.

Quick Share and Music Share has been improved. With Quick Share, files can be easily shared with nearby Samsung devices. Music Share now lets you share your music with friends/family by using a Bluetooth audio device.

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