Samsung's New Smartwatch Gets Certification From China's CMIIT

Samsung's new smartwatch - the Galaxy Watch 2, has now got approved by China’s CMIIT certification process. We could expect to see the smartwatch soon.
Apr 26, 2020

Later this year, Samsung's new smartwatch is going to be introduced. The model numbers of the next smartwatches variants would be SM-R840/845 and SM-R850/855. It is already being developed and has already gained a Chinese certification ahead of the device's announcement.

Now instead of calling it "this smartwatch" there are two possibilities for the name of the new Samsung smartwatch. The smartwatch could either be called the Galaxy Watch 2 or the Galaxy Watch Active 3. Both have a nice ring to them.

As for specifications, the smartwatch will come with a total of 8GB of internal storage. This is twice the amount that the previous Galaxy Watch models have. On the Chinese certification, it is revealed that the smartwatch will have 2.4GHz Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.

It seems that the SM-R840 and the SM-R850 are the two screen size variants of the "Galaxy Watch 2" that have Wi-Fi only. The SM-R845 and SM-R855 could be the Wi-Fi + LTE variants. Another change that's coming is the 330mAh battery. This is bigger than the Galaxy Watch Active 2's battery - 247mAh.

As Samsung's new smartwatch wasn't unveiled alongside the Galaxy S20 series, it's suspected that Samsung will launch it beside the Galaxy Note 20 which is in the second half of this year. Something else we can expect is the smartwatch to have health tracking abilities. The Galaxy Watch Active2 has a heart-rate monitor, ECG and sleep tracking, so it wouldn't be out of the question to expect them on the next smartwatch.

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