Wear OS Now Tells You To Wash Your Hands - And How To Turn It Off

Smartwatches that run Wear OS are now notifying users to wash their hands every three hours. Here's how you disable the wash hands notification.
Apr 15, 2020

Google has added a new feature to the clock app on Android smartwatches. As part of the latest v5.4.0 Wear OS Clock app update, the Clock app now gives you periodic notifications. These Wear OS notifications are to make sure you wash your hands. Oh, and don't forget to use soap.

After you've opened the alert, a 40-second timer starts. Once the timer has completed, you are told that you'll receive another Wear OS notification to wash your hands in 3 hours. Last month, Google added a new voice command to help you wash your hands. All you have to do is say "Hey Google, help me wash my hands". After that, the assistant plays a rather annoying 40-second long tune about washing your hands. This song is sung by Google's default "Red" voice. The World Health Organisation (WHO) states that 20 seconds is enough time. It seems that Google is being extra cautious.

wear os wash hands

How to disable the wash hands feature on Wear OS

If you're someone that finds this annoying, don't worry, you can disable the notification. What you need to do is hold down on the notification as it arrives and then you'll be given an option to disable future 'wash hands' notifications. Yipee! You can now wash your hands whenever you want.

If you don't seem to have the update, you can make your way over to the Google Play Store and download it there.

As well as this, there is another measure that Google (and Apple) is taking to stop the spread of the coronavirus. This measure is contact-tracing technology to be implemented into iOS and Android smartphones.

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