Galaxy Watch Active Deal Chops 25% Off Original Price!

You can get your hands on a new smartwatch for a good price. The Galaxy Watch Active deal gives you a smartwatch with many tracking capabilities.
May 20, 2020

There is a new Galaxy Watch Active deal going on. This smartwatch may not be the newest Samsung smartwatch but it definitely can get the job done - and then some!

This smartwatch is light and comfortable so you can potentially wear it to bed without being uncomfortable - great for the sleep tracking feature. As well as this, there are many tracking features so you keep track of your workouts and steps. If you want to track your route outdoors, you don't have to worry as there is GPS.

How much does the smartwatch cost with the Galaxy Watch Active deal?

This Samsung smartwatch is selling on Amazon US. It was $199 but is now selling for $149.99, a total of $50 off. Unfortunately, if you did want a colourful variant, you can't get one with this deal. Only the black variant is for sale.

If you want to buy this smartwatch, click here to go to Amazon US.

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