New Samsung Lawsuit Against the Samsung Health App

A new Samsung lawsuit has been filed from a company called Fat Statz, LCC. This company has a filed patent that Samsung is usng in their Samsung Health app.
May 2, 2020

Samsung is now facing a new patent lawsuit where the US-based healthcare firm, Fat Statz, LCC, is claiming that the Samsung Health app is using its patented technology without authorization!

Fat Statz claims that their patent revolves around technology to provide at hand motivational feedback. As well as this, users get a reward for exercising or following a diet properly. All of which are features they say are being used in Samsung Health. The technology allows users to compare their activity, food and fitness data with others. As well as this, users are placed in various ranks.

samsung lawsuit

Fat Statz has said that their patents "are used in generating user comparison based on genders, ages, heights, time zones, and so on to motivate users". They also said that the Samsung Health app provides similar features "by infringing" on their patents.

The complaint was given to Samsung after it was filed with the United States District Court for the Eastern District of Texas. Samsung had got the complaint on April 15th and has to answer by May 6th. Fat Statz is seeking judgement in its favour and is asking that Samsung pay for damages.

Samsung is being handed a lawsuit but many other consumer tech firms - Apple, Fitbit, Garmin and Google, use similar technology. They all give users motivational feedback as well as the ability to compete with other users.

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