Samsung's Next Smartwatch (Galaxy Watch 2) Coming in Premium Titanium

Samsung's next smartwatch - the Galaxy Watch 2, is going to come in the regular stainless steel and aluminium cases as well as titanium.
May 22, 2020

As we all probably know, Samsung has a new smartwatch in the making. This smartwatch has the model numbers SM-R840 and SM-R850 - the two sizes the device will be offered in.

The latest piece of inside intel is that the new smartwatch is going to have variants made of aluminium and stainless steel... and titanium. It is not yet known whether this smartwatch is going to be the Galaxy Watch 2 or the Galaxy Watch Active 3, but we do know that it is going to be made of a premium material.

This is the first time Samsung is using a titanium case on their smartwatches. Just last year, the Apple Watch Series 5 launched with a titanium case. Whilst this may be a first for smartwatches but, in the old days, the material was used for traditional wrist-watches.

Since titanium is a lightweight, strong and durable material, it seems to be a perfect fit for smartwatch-makers' products. The material will also be likely to be treated with a special coating in order to prevent staining and yellowing - which titanium is prone to.

The Galaxy Watch 2 price is going to be way higher in titanium

So this material is a perfect fit for the job - except for one thing. The price. On the Apple Watch Series 5, the titanium variant compared to the aluminium one proved to be $400 more expensive. The smartwatch in aluminium was $399 whereas the titanium one was $799.

Would you be happy to pay that much more money on a premium variant of Samsung's latest smartwatch?


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