Gyms in Australia are Opening Soon - Grab a Discounted Samsung Galaxy Watch Active2!

The Galaxy Watch Active2 could be the perfect gadget to help you get back on track after Australia starts to open gyms again. The smartwatch is on sale.
Jun 4, 2020

During the lockdown, it's understandable if you've let yourself slip a little. Now with Australia opening up gyms again, its one of the best times to get yourself a tracking buddy to help you get back on track. This little buddy is the Galaxy Watch Active2 - which happens to be on sale.

The Galaxy Watch Active2 is Samsung's latest smartwatch. However, the 'Galaxy Watch 2' is probably coming soon, so not for long. When it comes to features, this smartwatch was the one to introduce Samsung's Touch Bezel.

As well as this, when it comes to the fitness features, there are 39 workout modes. This smartwatch was the first Samsung smartwatch to sport an ECG sensor. An ECG sensor helps you know whether your heart is beating regularly. If it's not, you'll get notified by the smartwatch.

As many smartwatches do, the Galaxy Watch Active2 comes with heart rate and sleep monitoring. As well as this, there is stress monitoring. If the smartwatch notices you're too stressed, it'll notify you to do a breathing exercise before you continue with your day.

Let's Talk Prices of the Galaxy Watch Active2...

Usually, the Galaxy Watch Active2 would be selling for AU$549. However, with the discount of AU$175, you only have to pay $374. 32% off!

Click here to head to eBay to buy the smartwatch. Hurry before they sell out!

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