Galaxy Buds Live & Watch 3 possibly coming in July

The Galaxy Buds Live and the Galaxy Watch 3 were believed to be launched at Samsung Unpacked in August. However, the wearables are coming before - in July.
Jun 10, 2020

Samsung has many products lined-up to be launched and released in this half of the year. Due to the lack of info when it comes to the release, many people assumed that most of these products are going to be launched during the Samsung Unpacked event in August.

However, that isn't actually true as it has been learned that the newest Samsung wearables are going to be announced sometime next month. As in, ahead of Samsung Unpacked. According to rumour, the Galaxy Watch 3 and Galaxy Buds Live may go on sale around the same time as Samsung Unpacked.

The Prices of the Galaxy Buds Live and Watch 3?

When the Samsung smartphones come out into the market, we can expect the Galaxy Buds Live to either come discounted or even for free to come as a pre-order bonus.

So far, the prices for the wearables haven't been disclosed yet. However, it is easy to guess that the Galaxy Watch 3 will have a variant that will prove to be very expensive. Probably the most expensive smartwatch Samsung has made. This is due o the fact that the specific variant is made of Titanium - a good material that doesn't come with a light price tag.


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