More Detailed Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 Specifications!

Samsung's latest smartwatch, the Galaxy Watch 3, has had more specifications revealed. This includes health features. Read the Galaxy Watch 3 specifications.
Jun 16, 2020

The Galaxy Watch 3, Samsung's latest smartwatch has had more specifications revealed. At the moment it seems we could see a July launch, before the Samsung Unpacked event on August 5th.

What Galaxy Watch 3 Specifications Do We Already Know?

The Galaxy Watch 3 is going to come in two sizes - a 41mm and 45mm model. This was revealed from a document from Thailand's regulatory body - NBTC. As well as this, the smartwatch is going to have a physical bezel. The Touch Bezel may have been cool but the physical one is more satisfying (in my opinion).

When it comes to the materials the smartwatch is going to come in, we know that there is going to be an aluminium, stainless steel and titanium case. The first two are materials that are commonly used. However, titanium is a good material to use but will come with a premium price.

The smartwatch will have a 5ATM water resistance rating. This means that you can submerge the device into 50 meters of water for about 10 minutes. So, going for a swim with the smartwatch is perfectly fine. Another rating that the smartwatch does hold is the MIL-STD-810 certification. This is a military certification which means the device can survive being dropped more than once.

The New Galaxy Watch 3 Specifications

First off, we have the screen sizes and dimensions of the new smartwatch. The smaller variant, 41mm, will have a 1.2-inch display whereas the 45mm version will have a 1.4-inch version.

The variants of the Galaxy Watch 3 will be 45 x 46.2 x 11.1 mm and 41 x 42.5 x 11.3 mm respectively. This ends with the displays being 0.1-inches bigger than the screens on the Galaxy Watch. Perhaps the rotating bezel will be as thick as it was on the Galaxy Watch.

The health sensors on the new smartwatch are going to be similar to the Galaxy Watch Active2. There will be a heart rate sensor and support for blood pressure monitoring. As well as this, there will be an electrocardiogram (ECG) sensor. However, we're not sure if this feature will be available at launch. This is because the feature needs to get approved on the Galaxy Watch Active2... still. Samsung has only managed to get approval in South Korea for the ECG feature. So, we're hoping that Samsung can get approval before the Galaxy Watch 3 goes to retailers. Seems like a tall order though.

Compared to the Galaxy Watch, the Galaxy Watch 3 is going to have a smaller battery. There will be a 247 mAh and 340 mAh battery for the 41mm and 45mm variants respectively. Whilst it may be smaller compared to the Galaxy Watch, they're the same battery sizes as the Galaxy Watch Active2's.

When it comes to storage and memory, we already know that the smartwatch will have 8GB of internal storage. When it comes to RAM, we now know that both variants will have 1GB. As well as this, the smartwatch will have Tizen OS 5.5 out of the box.


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