Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 Renders Show the Full Design of the Watch

A Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 render has been leaked on Patreon. From the render, we can see the entire design. In the image is the SM-R840 variant of the smartwatch
Jun 26, 2020

Images of the Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 were leaked last week. In those images, we could see the screen of the latest smartwatch. However, we didn't get to see the entire smartwatch properly - just the screen. Now, thanks to @evleaks on Patreon, we can see the entire device in a render.

The variant of the Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 that is being shown in the render is the SM-R840. This is the 45mm variant. As well as this, from the back of the device, we can tell that is the stainless steel casing.

As for the look of the smartwatch, it seems like Samsung was aiming for more a classic look. Remember that time where watches only told the time? Me neither.

Compared to the previous Samsung smartwatches, the buttons on the right of the device stick out more. The physical bezel has made a return, however, on the Samsung Galaxy Watch 3, it is much slimmer. This allows for a larger screen.

Other Features of the Samsung Galaxy Watch 3

The writing on the back of the case reveals some features as well. On the back, it says GPS, 5ATM water resistance, a MIL-STD-810G compliant design and Gorilla Glass DX protection.

This variant we can see in the render has the stainless steel casing, however, the smartwatch is going to come in titanium as well. Titanium is a good material to use as it is durable and light - but is pricy. We can expect the variants with titanium to have a heavier price tag.

In terms of storage, this smartwatch will have 1GB of RAM accompanied with 8GB of storage. Like many others in the market, the smartwatch will have heart rate monitoring, ECG and sleep tracking.

A 247mAh battery will be powering the 41mm variant whilst a 340mAh battery will be powering the larger 45mm variant. We can sale expect the Galaxy Watch 3 to feature wireless charging, NFC and Samsung Pay - like its predecessors. Whilst we can't see a loudspeaker, we can expect it in order to have voice calls and use Bixby.


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