Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 Software Features Leaked!

The Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 features have been leaked on Twitter. There are various changes in the software. The smartwatch could launch on the 8th July.
Jun 30, 2020

The Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 has had previously many of its specifications leaked already before its launch next month - and now there are more! Just last week we had seen renders of the Galaxy Watch 3 that allowed us to see the entire design rather than just the screen.

Informative Digital Edge for the Samsung Galaxy Watch 3

The next leak of the device shows a range of different software information. Max Weinbach, a Twitter user, had managed to get their hands on the firmware. A new feature, Informative Digital Edge, will offer improved customizability of the users' watch faces. The feature allows you to add certain information such as the date, steps or weather on the edges of the Samsung watch face.

Changes to the Weather App

In addition to this, the new version of Tizen coming with the Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 brings a new weather app. This weather app will have matching backgrounds to the weather conditions at that moment in time. For example, if it shows it's raining in the UK (which is all the time) the background will have raindrops. In the Calendar app, there will be a new added weekly view so you can get a good overview of how busy you are.

Icons and Built-in Apps

Other software upgrades include richer notification icons. There will be built-in Outlook and Spotify apps - for the US at least. When the smartwatch comes out of the box, it will have 5.3GB of free space - not too shabby. According to Weinbach, there is a lack of MST and will rely on NFC for payments. THis has become the norm now with Samsung watches.

As well as this, Weinbach expects the unveil of the smartwatch to be as soon as July 8th - very soon.


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