Galaxy Watch 3 Hand Gestures and Fall Detection

The Galaxy Watch 3 will come with hand gestures and fall detection. Samsung's Galaxy Watch Active2 also came with fall detection. We expect the smartwatch soon.
Jul 27, 2020

The Galaxy Watch 3 will be coming with new features. The information about these new features has come to us through the Galaxy Watch 3 Plugin app that has been released online by Samsung.

Hand Gestures on the Smartwatch

In the code of the app, it is revealed that you can control the Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 using hand gestures. In order to answer an incoming call on the smartwatch, all you have to do is clench and unclench your hand. If you want to ignore the call, just shake your hand. Due to the fact that the wearable has a speaker - it is possible to take calls on the Galaxy Watch 3 itself.

Galaxy Watch 3 Fall Detection

Like the Galaxy Watch Active2, the new smartwatch will have fall detection. If the device detects that the user has fallen, it will start ringing for one minute. If the user doesn't respond in that time, the watch will send a five-second audio recording and the users location to emergency contacts. There is also the option to send an SOS call after a fall is detected.

Taking a screenshot on smartwatches before wasn't ideal. Now, all you have to do is press both buttons on the right side of the device.


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