The Galaxy Watch 3 Unboxing video, before the launch

Samsung's latest smartwatch, the Samsung Galaxy Watch 3, has had it's unboxing video released on YouTube before its announcement on August 5.
Jul 29, 2020

The Galaxy Watch 3, Samsung's newest smartwatch, is expected to be announced at the August 5th event. However, just about everything has been released about the smartwatch. Now, there is an entire YouTube video that shows the unboxing of the Galaxy Watch 3 - before it has come out.

This video was released by The Mobile Central and explains the pairing of the smartwatch as well as showing off the device from many angles. The speaker in the video compares the Galaxy Watch 3 to multiple other smartwatches. This includes the Gear S3 Frontier and the Galaxy Watch.

In the video, it is claimed that the build quality of the newer Samsung smartwatch is better than the original Galaxy Watch. As well as this, it is also said that the bezel that has resurfaced, feels very tactile. In the video, we can also see some of the new watch faces.

Galaxy Watch 3 Variant in the Unboxing

The exact variant that is being featured in the YouTube video is the 41mm Mystic Bronze. This smartwatch variant has a smaller strap size - which implies that this one could be targeted towards women. The 45mm variant should be fine for those who have a larger wrist.

Now, we have just about all of the features of the smartwatch. However, we still need to know the price. What we can guess is that the titanium variant of the smartwatch is definitely going to have a heavier price tag compared to the other ones.

Check out the video below:

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