Samsung Health Getting Rid of Weight, Calorie and Caffeine Tracking

Samsung Health's next update will get rid of weight, calorie and caffeine tracking. This data will be temporarily stored from the smartwatch but will be deleted
Jul 17, 2020

Samsung Health is now cutting some of its functionality. The next update for the app will get rid of weight, calorie and caffeine tracking. Some people who use Samsung Health for this very reason may be pretty disappointed.

In Germany, an end of service notice had been sent out by the company. It will most likely make its way to other countries along the line.

Samsung Health's Notice in Germany

The notice itself states that Weight, Calorie and Caffeine tracking will no longer be available in newer versions of the health app. The change will start with version 6.11 on mobile and version 4.1 on smartwatches. Watch faces that do display this data will no longer be able to do so after the update.

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Some may find that the service wasn't the ideal place to keep their data. So these people won't be affected much. However, if you do have a heap of info on Samsung Health, you're going to need to find a new place for it.

If you do use widgets on your Samsung smartwatch or fitness tracker, it won't be synced to Samsung Health. This data will be temporarily stored but will be deleted after a certain amount of time.

When can we expect the update? This update is going to start rolling out over the next month in multiple markets.


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