The Galaxy Watch 3 vs Watch vs Active2 Samsung Smartwatches

Aug 10, 2020

With the release of the Galaxy Watch 3, there is obviously some that wonder 'What is this like compared to the Galaxy Watch and Galaxy Watch Active2?' Read on to find out.

The Galaxy Watch 3 and Galaxy Watch

The Galaxy Watch 3 is two years younger than the original Galaxy Watch. Despite the age difference, the smartwatches share some of the same components - like the chipset.

The Galaxy Watch 3 comes in the sizes 41mm and 45mm. The Galaxy Watch comes in the sizes 42mm and 46mm. Even with the smaller size, the newer smartwatch has a larger display - inch for the larger variant. In order to get the slimmer look the newer smartwatch, the battery size had to be reduced, unfortunately.

galaxy watch 3 galaxy watch galaxy watch active2

There are a couple of health features on the Galaxy Watch 3 compared to the Galaxy Watch. One of the two include fall detection. This feature detects when the user falls and gives them a certain amount of time to recover and get back up. If the user isn't able to do so, an SOS message with the user's location is sent to their emergency contacts. As well as this, the user is able to check oxygen saturation and read their blood pressure - as of now the feature is only available in South Korea.

The Galaxy Watch 3 and the Galaxy Watch Active2

This smartwatch was just released last year - a smaller age gap between the two. One of the main features that you may be able so to see straight away is that the Galaxy Watch Active2 has a touch bezel whereas the the newer brought the physical bezel back.

Both have a 1.2-inch screen for the smaller variant. The Galaxy Watch 3 has 1GB of RAM and is the first Samsung smartwatch to get 8GB of ROM. The smaller variant of both the Galaxy Watch Active2 (40mm) and the Galaxy Watch (41mm) have the same battery size.


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