Galaxy Watch 3 Receives ECG After Being Cleared By FDA

The Galaxy Watch 3 is gaining another feature for the people n the US. What is this feature? It is on demand electrocardiogram (ECG) readings.
Sep 24, 2020

The Galaxy Watch 3 is gaining another feature for users in the US. What is this feature? It is on-demand electrocardiogram (ECG) readings. The feature had recently gained clearance by the FDA (Food and Drug and Administration) and will be available via the Health Monitor app. The ECG allows users to detect anomalies when it comes to the heart rhythms. As well as this, it can scan for signs of Atrial Fibrillation (AFib).

How to use the Galaxy Watch 3 ECG

In order to use the ECG, all you need to do open the Health Monitor app. You also want to make sure that the watch is fitted nicely on your wrist. Then, rest your arm on a flat surface. Now, place your finger on the top button of the Samsung smartwatch and then the watch will record your heart rhythm and class it as either Sinus or AFib.

When the ECG has been taken, you can also add additional symptoms like fatigue and dizziness. A PDF can also be sent to the users' healthcare provider using either the Health Monitor app or the connected Galaxy smartphone.

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The ECG is a pretty exciting feature, however, there is also another. You can now track your Oxygen Saturation with the smartwatch. This can show how well the users' respiratory system is getting oxygen into the bloodstream.

In order to get your fitness straight, you can run a digital running coach that is able to give you real-time feedback. Post -workout, you're given reports for you to improve and make the most out of every workout session. As well as this, the user is also given a post-workout VO2 max reports to let users track their cardio fitness by measuring the amount of oxygen the body is utilising when being exerted.

There are also advanced tracking features. That feature measures breathing, your vitals, and your REM cycles throughout the night. An algorithm is then used to score your sleep. Every morning, the user can wake up to a report with tips and tricks to sleep better.

Are you excited for the features?


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