Galaxy Watch 3 Titanium - Prices and release dates for Europe

The Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 Titanium variant has been announced by Samsung Germany on its website. The smartwatch comes with a higher price than the regular variants.
Sep 4, 2020

The Galaxy Watch 3 has already been released. However, the more premium Titanium variant has left a few waiting. Back in June, it was confirmed that there would be a variant of Samsung's next smartwatch that is made of titanium. Now, in 2020, Samsung Germany has introduced the titanium variant in Europe.

Price and Release Date for the Galaxy Watch 3 Titanium Variant

Samsung Germany has pulled the covers off of the device to show us it's design as well as revealing the release date and price. In Germany, the titanium variant of the Galaxy Watch 3 will be available online from the 18th September - very soon. The wearable will only be coming in one single colour - Mystic Black. As well as this, prospective buyers are looking at a 633 euro price - $748.80. Titanium being the durable yet light material it gives it a premium price.

In the announcement by Samsung Germany, they have mentioned "the 1.4-inch display." This could show that the titanium variant is based on the 45mm size. So far, there have been no hints at a 41mm titanium variant of the Galaxy Watch 3. As well as this - with the specs, the titanium variant is identical to the stainless steel and aluminium ones. However, rather than being attached to a leather wristband - like the regular variants, the titanium one has a stainless steel wristband.

We're expecting this model of the smartwatch to be more resilient - after all, titanium is more durable than stainless steel and aluminium. On the back of the titanium variant, we can see that the device has an IP68 rating, it has Gorilla Glass DX and has a MIL-STD-810G-compliant design. This is exactly the same as the original variant.


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