Galaxy Watch Active2 Receiving Features From Galaxy Watch 3

Samsung, like usual, are taking some of the features from the Galaxy Watch 3 and implementing them into older smartwatches - like the Galaxy Watch Active2
Sep 10, 2020

Samsung, like usual, are taking some of the features from its latest flagship device, in this case the Galaxy Watch 3, and implementing them into older smartwatches. In this case the Galaxy WatchActive2.

However, these same features aren't making it to the Galaxy Watch Active. Even though this smartwatch was released in 2019, it still has 4 photodiodes in the back - half the amount in the Galaxy Watch Active2. Perhaps this is Samsung keeping accuracy in focus.

The newer running coach is going to be added to the Galaxy Watch Active2. It has a Running Analysis that gives you an insight on detailed metrics like contact, flight time, stiffness, vertical oscillation and more.

samsung galaxy watch active2

The Galaxy Watch Active2's Own Features

The Galaxy Watch Active2 has some good features without the Galaxy Watch 3. Fall detection is a useful feature if you happen to fall and need assistance. If you have potentially fallen, the user is given time to respond. If not, an SOS message will be sent to the users emergency contacts.

Next, the Galaxy Watch Active2 will receive the scroll capture feature so that you can screenshot your smartwatch screen and send it to the smartphone that is paired with it. And finally, you will be able to use emoticons, images, smart reply and chat history will be added.

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