Sailfish OS now lets you share your Mobile Linux device

Use Multi-account sign-on on your Mobile Linux device. Jolla has Introduced this feature as part of its latest Sailfish OS 3.4 Pallas-Yllästunturi release software update.
Oct 22, 2020

Having the ability to share a mobile device amongst your family or co-workers can be very useful. This is something that mobile manufacturers such as Motorola have been doing on their smartphones and Samsung on their tablets for a while now. What I mean by sharing is that everyone can have their own Independent accounts set up on the device - once logged in they have access to their OWN emails, social media accounts, pictures, etc. It's THEIR device.

People have urged the likes of Apple to Introduce a multi-account sign-on feature on their smartphone or tablet but the multi-billion dollar company has resisted. Probably because every child in the family having their own tablet brings in a huge chunk of change for them. Moving along .....

Now, Jolla has included multiple account as one of the major new features that is Introduced in the latest Sailfish OS 3.4 Pallas-Yllästunturi release. You get up to six additional users, but these new users do have some limitations to what they can do. For Instance, they can not Install or remove applications or perform system upgrades.

Additional users can view applications Installed on the device, but, this is a very Important bit, application data is not shared between users.

To learn more about access rights and how this practically works, you can read more about this from the offical jolla blog.

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