Latest Samsung Smartwatches Discounted in time for Christmas!

Nov 6, 2020

As it is nearing the Christmas season, the prices for Samsung devices have lowered. Every single one of the Samsung Galaxy Watch Active2 and Galaxy Watch 3 models is available at a discounted price in the USA. Kind of unfortunate for the rest of the world.

The Samsung Smartwatch Deals

The Galaxy Watch 3 is available for $60 less. So, you can buy the 41 or 45mm Wi-Fi models for $339 or $369 respectively. However, those same sizes for the LTE models are $389 and $419. The Titanium version of the smartwatch, which is only available as a Bluetooth variant, has a $100 discount. This brings the price down to $499.

samsung smartwatch deals christmas

The Galaxy Watch Active2, the smartwatch that was released just last year, is also selling at a discounted price if you don't think the Galaxy Watch 3 is suited for you. For all the variants of the Galaxy Watch Active2, you get $70 off the original price. This counts for the 40mm and 44mm, Wi-Fi and LTE variants, and the Under Armour and Golf Editions.

Where can you get these discounts? Good question. If you go to the companies online shop and Amazon USA, you'll find the discounts. Why not treat yourself?

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