Samsung Galaxy S21 is dropping support for some older Tizen wearables

Samsung is dropping support for its older smartwatches and they will not work with the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S21 and other new phones released in 2021.
Dec 8, 2020

According to a German Samsung news site, Galaxy Club, Samsung will be dropping support for its oldest wearables on the Galaxy S21 and other 2020 smartphones.

The news site saved a notification from a Samsung members app notifying users that support for the Gear 1, Gear 2, Gear 2 Neo, Gear S and Gear Fit — will cease on the company’s 2021 smartphone line-up, Including the Samsung S21.

The same message has been seen on Samsung's German support site.

“The existing service quality of older Samsung Gear wearables cannot be guaranteed and ensured by app updates alone,” the text, translated by Edge, reads."

"You will be notified of this change after the galaxy wearable (Samsung Gear) app is updated to the latest version by sending an in-app notice,” it continues. “However, Samsung Gear wearables already used with Samsung smartphones (release year 2020 or earlier) can still be used.”

At the moment these five smartwatches will continue to work with current and older handsets, but a deadline date for end of support can not be ruled out. It has to be said that Samsung have done well in generally supporting older watches, as even the Gear S2 got a massive firmware update back in Februrary of this year. Interesting to note that the S2 isn't on the chopping block.

Most likely these changes are for Samsung to consolidate its resources and focus its on its newer technology - just like many companies do. As these devices were released between 2013 - 2014, it would be hard to imagine anyone pairing them with their brand new shiny Samsung Galaxy S21?


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