Samsung Tizen OS is now the Largest TV Platform

Dec 3, 2020

According to the latest numbers, the Tizen OS is the largest TV streaming platform in the world. The OS has been developed by Samsung which is then used in smart TVs and smartwatches.

The research conducted by the market research company, Strategy Analytics, has said that Samsung had sold 11.8 million TVs worldwide during Q3 2020. As well as this, it has been suggested that over 155 million Tizen based TVs that are in current use. Compared to the last year, Samsung has made an increase in sales of 23%.

tizen os smart tv

Tizen OS Smart TV Sales

As a whole, the TV devices market had sold 81.3 million sold units. Compared to the previous year, this is a 19% increase. However, this sector also includes multiple other types of devices like consoles and media streaming devices.

It is said that Samsung is now focusing on using Tizen on its smart TVs as well as monetising the OS. Samsung TV+ was also something appreciated with the Samsung TVs. This was where the company could stream linear TV for free. Who doesn't love a discounted price?

The Director of TV Streaming Platforms at Strategy Analytics, said, “By the end of this year, nearly 1.3 billion connected TV devices will be in use worldwide. Samsung’s success in smart TVs means that it will retain its leadership position for some time. The multi-way battle between Samsung, LG, Sony, Amazon, Roku, and Google will shape the way TV is viewed over the coming decade.


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