ZTE Watch Live smartwatch brings SpO2 for just $40

The ZTE Watch Live has finally launched with blood oxygen and stress level features and all for the tiny sum of $40! This is going to be something to consider.
Dec 1, 2020

The ZTE Watch Live has finally launched with some exciting new features - especially at this price point. These being blood oxygen and stress level features!!!! You may be thinking that you’ve never heard of this company before. This is due to the fact that the company has released a couple of smartwatches before in the market, but nothing that has really topped the charts.

This wearable has been launched in the company's home country - China. The first main feature that you see is that the battery on the device is said to last an entire 21 days on a single charge. Pretty impressive. Huawei offers 14 days with their battery, so we can tell that the company has outdone themselves.

The smartwatch gives us an Apple Watch Series feel. But I suppose any smartwatch with a square screen automatically brings Apple to mind.

With the SpO2 feature, users are able to measure their oxygen levels and can check if it comes too low. There is also 24 hour heart rate monitoring, this feature could be useful for those at risk of heart diseases or already have them. When there is something abnormal detected, it is suggested that you book an appointment, just to be safe. There is also sleep tracking, which you can you to see the quality of your sleep throughout the night with ZTE's learning algorithms.

Like quite a few other smartwatches on the market, there are also smart notifications and reminders. There are also weather alerts, something that comes in handy when you’re rushing out the house. Something I do every morning haha. Other reminders include sedentray reminders. These are notifications to keep you up and at it throughout the day rather than being stuck in your chair. As of right now, there is not much news about watch faces for the smartwatch to make the home screen more stylish. However, the feature will probably come.

Where do you get the ZTE Watch Live?

Some may also be happy to hear that this smartwatch also comes with a magnetic pad in order to charge the device. Customers in China, the company’s home country, you can buy it from ZTEmail for CNY 229 - about $35. As well as this, the device will start shipping from the third of December. As of right now, the wearable device isn’t available in other international markets. 


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