Apple Pulls 'Vybe Together' from the Apple Store for Promoting Secret Parties

Apple has pulled down an app from the Apple Store due to the fact that this app was used to promote private parties. This app was called Vybe Together and was breaching quarantine laws.
Jan 1, 2021

Apple has pulled down an app from the Apple App Store due to the fact that this app was used to promote private parties while in quarantine. This app was called Vybe Together - not a bad name. Obviously, the gathering/parties weren't something that people were advised to do. While being removed from the Apple Store, it had also got its TikTok account banned, and most of its online presence has been scrubbed.

Get Approved to Join the Vybe Together Platform

Vybe Together had used the phrase, "Get your rebel on. Get your party on." In the app, party organisers would have to approve the people attending these parties. If you did get approved, you'd receive the address of the party 2 hours beforehand. Obviously, due to quarantine laws, these are illegal. Which is probably why the app asked the users to submit a profile for approval before you can access the app. When you apply, you submit your Instagram handle and upload pictures of you partying to the service. This is probably to ensure that you don't end up leaking the platform to the authorities.

The Verge had spoke with one of the app's co-founders, someone who identified themselves as Albin. They had said that the app had a few thousand users and that more had applied since their videos were being posted on TikTok.

The platform wasn't too popular before but had received much more attention when a New York Times reporter had tweeted screenshots of the website. They had then described the app as a place for “finding and promoting COVID-unsafe large, indoor house parties.”

Vybe Together had an FAQ page that had acknowledged the danger of the pandemic. But it stated that the app was supposed to be used for small gatherings rather than larger parties.

vybe together

The app also promoted "gatherings every weekend" which also included a New Year's Eve party. On the Apple Store, the app had only 25 ratings. The Instagram page had under 1,000 followers. TikTok had said that their page had 139 followers. So nothing much. The Instagram page had a single post that said "Blown out of proportion by media. We DO NOT CONDONE LARGE GATHERINGS." However, their page now has a bio that reads, "App Store took us down but we will be back!!"

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