Galaxy S21 Custom Colours Leaked

Zain A
Jan 13, 2021

The Samsung Galaxy S21, S21+ and S21 Ultra will be released tomorrow and is rumoured to have custom colours. This will be the first custom colours to appear in an S series smartphone.

What the new Samsung S21 Colours are

These custom colours can let people customise their phones to make it match them/look exactly how they want. People can really capitalise on their own individual styles and tastes. The public have shown a good response to the rumours already. Who really wants to pick between ONLY four colours?

Samsung s21

We've already seen a few colours, such as the S21+ getting a brand new red variant, and a black, bronze, light blue and dual-tone purple colours. The S21 Ultra, however, has a few new colours such as Phantom Titanium, a greyish blue and brown models. The standard variant of the smartphone doesn't look like it will get any more colours added to its roster. The standard roster is pink, black, white, and a dual-tone purple. The Ultra has darker colours than all of them, excluding a darker version of the bright blue model. Unfortunately, these colours may be only available in certain regions, so we have to wait for CES 2021, which is on the 14th of January 2021, to find out which markets these colours are going to.


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