New Galaxy S21 Mobile Devices Are Now Available in Remote Test Lab

Zain A
Jan 24, 2021

If you want to test the apps that you make, but don't have a phone, you can now use the Remote Test Lab by Samsung. This lets you connect to any phone - from the Galaxy S5 to the new Galaxy S21 Ultra. If your app is only designed for Android 10, you can choose an option on the Note 20 series and the S20 series to have Android 10 or 11.

remote test lab

Remote Test Lab Rumour

The Remote Test Lab allows you to test your apps there. With the feature, you can see several pages of the screen such as the lock screen and the new app icons, a neat little feature.

As most app developers do not have a device to test their apps, therefore they could end broken games to the Galaxy Store/Play Store. Having this feature, more apps will work properly.

Head on over to the remote test lab by clicking here.

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