Apple May Invest In Kia For Their New Apple Cars in 2024

Zain A
Feb 3, 2021

The fast producing company, Apple, is rumoured to invest 3.6 billion dollars into Kia to make their planned car alive. Kia is an extremely popular company, well known for their cars that always delight people report from South Korean news claim that the iPhone company and Kia are soon to team up and uncover a deal on the twenty-seventh of February 2021, and Apple will invest a furthermore 4 trillion dollars to gain secure access to Kia's U.S facilities in Georgia. The two companies are planning to release the Cars in around 2024, with a capacity of 100,000 units each year, though the company has an ability to ramp it up to a gigantic 400,000 units each year.

apple car

Components of the Apple Car

The car will be built on Hyundai's E-GMP electric vehicle platform, with the Hyundai Mobis offering assistance with component design and production with the car, Apple and Kia Motors. Ming-Ching Kuo has claimed that Kia will start production in the US, however, Apple is said to take charge when it comes to self-driving, hardware, software, semiconductors, battery technologies, form factor and user experience altogether to create one (Apple claims) great car.

Some exciting reports were made as it seems like Hyundai is most likely going to do a collaboration with Kia to help out, as Kia and Hyundai have more experience in the car market. It has been officially confirmed that the car IS in the making's, but soon after that disregarded those statement to say certain parties were regarding the development of electric cars.
A report last week stated Hyundai executives are still considering the risks of working with Apple.


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