NVIDIA GeForce Now - Game Streaming App Released For M1 Macs

Zain A
Feb 4, 2021

The famous game streaming service, GeForce Now is a popular gaming service that allows people with old computers can connect to a PC in the cloud, letting people connect, and play, without using one bit of the device.

The new version of the GeForce Now, 2.0.27 introduces new support modifications, mostly adding support for the Chrome Browser application instead of installing the app, that only uses more storage.
Now a change that was spotted by XDA-Developers was that GeForce Now has been updated so Apple Silicon Macs can use their app without using an Intel-based Mac. It is possible to play in GeForce Now under Rosetta 2, using only 60-70 percent of the processor's speed. Now that it has been updated for the new Macbook's GFN may be able to keep steady connections to their service, allowing better gameplay for the user.

geforce now

NVIDIA still has to optimize the app for ARM-based versions for Windows 10 and Linux, though the update for Apple Silicon may be them starting to launch their app for all OSs around the globe.
The appearance of Apple's processor was shocking, as though it was their first processor, it is extremely fast, which can boost the performance of GeForce Now.

This information was once more gotten from Apple Insider, and a link to the post is here.

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