Samsung May Replace The Tizen OS for their Smartwatches

Feb 24, 2021

Samsung smartwatches have always run the Tizen OS, made by Samsung themselves. This very same OS ran on a series of Samsung phones that have now stopped being produced by the company. Now, Samsung may stop producing Tizen smartwatches and convert them to Android ones.

galaxy watch active2 tizen os

While the Tizen OS allows Samsung to have complete control of the experience of their smartwatch devices, like the Galaxy Watch 3, there aren't enough apps for the smartwatches. This is thought to be a major reason why Samsung has decided to part ways with the OS.

As well as this, the third-party app support on the Tizen smartwatches has been found to be lacking by many. If the next Galaxy Watch were to have WearOS, it would be much more useful there due to the developer support that comes with the Operating System.

@UniverseIce, a serial leaker on Twitter, has made a similar claim about this too. However, they didn't add much detail, just the simple statement.

This isn't the first time that this rumor has surfaced. Back in 2018, this rumor had come around while it seemed like Samsung was going to change the branding of their smartwatches from 'Gear' to 'Galaxy' - which is something that they did end up doing.

The UI After the Tizen OS is dropped

Both the UI and the features of the new devices will be different from what Samsung used to have. Samsung probably won't be allowed to make any major changes to the interface. It is possible that Bixby will be lost as well - but it may not be greatly missed.

There is not much to know at this point, however, we will keep you updated as more news and leaks flow out.


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