Why You Should Not Buy the Galaxy S21 Series

Zain A
Feb 12, 2021

Samsung claims that these are great phones, but could these phones actually be useful? Let's find out.

The Galaxy S21 was claimed to be a revolutionary device, but Samsung, as well as other hardware manufacturers, do a great job of selling their hardware. Is the S21 really a huge leap in tech and into a new generation of its own?

Galaxy S21s Storage Boosting

Storage boosting has never been a problem until now, as they removed the SD slot making their customers rely on in-built storage and also cloud storage. Now, Samsung users have limited options, just like Apple users, who can only use the cloud to get more storage or get a new phone.

The S21 series has only a maximum of 512 GB of storage, however, the S20 series can be boosted up to 1 TB of capacity. Isn't that nice?


The display on only the Galaxy S21 and S21+ only supports Full HD+, which is lower than the S20 series, so this is considered a downgrade. You have to keep in mind that some old phones even have a WQHD+ display, however, the S21 Ultra packs a WQHD+ screen of all the series, but its standard quality is FHD+

samsung galaxy s21 series

Flat Screen

Samsung's curved screens have been alive for a long time, starting from the Samsung Note Edge in 2014, but now they end. This to new Samsung users is no big deal, but if you hand it to a long time Samsung device user, you can just watch them panic. The feature Apps Edge still exists but not on an edge, just on the end of the right side of the screen. Have they lost the edge here? (shameless pun!)


The phone does support the S-Pen, however, to use the one built for the device you must buy one from Samsung's website. You do have the option of using one from a Note series phone and it will work fine, kind of. It will not have Air Actions, Bluetooth, or any premium features, the same goes for the regular S-Pen, but those features are coming in the S-Pen Pro.

However, the Note series S-Pen's can now support the phone for drawing, but there is no Air Actions, or Bluetooth using a separate device S-Pen.


The Exynos 2100 was claimed to be a great processor, which it is, but it's only close to what Samsung told us.

Samsung claimed the device will be extraordinary when it comes to app opening, loading, saving ext. In everyday use, you can see there is a difference, but in all honesty, I don't feel it's worth splashing out the extra cash for this small improvement.

In real-world use, when using video editing apps like VLLO, there was only a small difference compared to the Note 20 Ultra, but not incredibly faster. Now sources claim that the phone is a bit faster than the Note 20 Ultra when it comes to normal use, and the same goes for when it comes to demanding processes. But once more, not as fast as you would expect from a futuristic device.

Lets wait for the Samsung S22 hey!

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