New Galaxy Fit 2 Software Update Brings Added Watch Faces

Zain A
Mar 22, 2021

Samsung's Galaxy Fit 2 hasn't had an update for quite some time now. However, Samsung has kept claiming that the device will continue to get better and better, though there hasn't been an update for the device for quite some time, Samsung has officially released a new update that includes new watch faces to make your device look more stylish.

The update can be found in the Galaxy Wearable app on the connected device. If you have been notified about the update, go into the Wearable App, and select the Band software update option. The update is approximately 3MB of data, which should be small enough for everyone to download and install.
When the watch was released, it had a few pre-loaded watch faces, and now, after a single year since its debut, it has had a handful of new security updates, new watch faces, and more system improvements to improve the experience with the device.

galaxy fit 2 black friday samsung

Galaxy Fit 2 Specs

The Galaxy Fit 2 has a 1.1 inch / mm Super AMOLED Display, with dimensions of 46.6 x 18.6 x 11.3 mm.
It also has a processor clock speed of @ 0.00 GHz, and a small RAM speed of 2 MB of RAM with 32 MB of ROM. The Galaxy Fit 2 has 3 sensors that are very useful, it has an accelerometer, along with both a Gyro sensor and a photoplethysmography sensor buckled into one small package.

The standard battery capacity for the Galaxy Fit 2 is 159mAh, however, the battery is not removable, just like other watches in 2020. The Bluetooth connectivity version is the standard 5.0 before 6.0. The operating system is the great FreeRTOS, most common in Samsung's watches in 2020.


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