Apple M1 Macbook Air Standard Model Falls To A Cheap Price Of $929

Zain A
Apr 1, 2021

Tech price wars have been going on for quite some time with many feeling the competitive crunch in this current climate. The C-word. Now, Apple has joined the war and lowered the standard Macbook Air's price down to a budget-friendly $929, including the option to save up to $150 on any other configurations, including the models with 16 GB of RAM.

M1 Macbook Air discount on Amazon

You can get the Macbook Air on Amazon with various configurations of memory and storage. Standard memory these days, for a laptop worth its salt, starts at 8GB, I'd say. If your needs are a bit more app Intensive then 16GB is recommended. It has to be said that it is quite remarkable what Apple laptops can achieve with only 16GB of RAM compared to their Windows counterparts.

$1,199 Macbook Air 16GB, 256GB 7-core GPU Space Grey

$1,399 Macbook Air 16GB, 512GB 7-core GPU Space Grey

$1,599 MacBook Air 16GB, 1TB 7-core GPU Space Grey

$1,999 MacBook Air 16GB, 2TB 7-core GPU Space Grey

$1,849 MacBook Air 8GB, 2TB 8-core GPU Space Grey

$1,449 MacBook Air 16GB, 512GB 8-core GPU Space Grey

$1,649 MacBook Air 16GB, 1TB 8-core GPU Space Grey

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