Which Browser Should You Use On Your Mac? Safari vs Chrome

Zain A
Apr 29, 2021

Apple's computers have come pre-installed with Safari. The web browser is tuned for any MacOS version/computer, however, the majority of people do use Chrome instead, which browser is better? Let's take a look.

Let's go through the features of the browsers to start.


Let's see which browser looks better.
The tab organisation in Chrome is a simple bar with a plus and your tabs, and the tabs go smaller when more is added. And on mobile, you just select the tabs button and all your tabs are there.

On Safari you'll find the same tab system as Google Chrome, but on mobile, the app turns into a deck of cards, making you have to swipe through an endless list of tabs, and only being able to see the top of the tabs.


Safari and Chrome both claim that all of the users data is safe from hackers, disregarding the many security breaches, but who has the best security system?

Feeling safe is most likely the prime feeling while surfing around the internet, and is maybe the most important part of this Safari vs Chrome review.

Both browsers block popups by default, however, Google Chrome shows this by disconnecting from the servers and warning you about the particular website, Safari on the other hand flags the problem with a small green lock icon.
Disregarding the fact that Chrome has better security measures, it's privacy is another problem, and many company's aren't quiet when it comes to getting to as much data as possible and attempting to enhance your experience with all data collected.

Apple does the same with its browser, Safari, including names, IP address etc.

chrome safari


Now which browser is easier to use? This question is a rather well said one and has many ups and downs and one thing that supports each answer is what device you come from, for example, if you use and iPhone then you have probably used Safari many times in the past, and if you're from Android, you've probably adapted to Chrome, with its many features.

One huge flaw with Apple's browser is that you can't change the settings in the app itself, but to do that, you have to go to System Preferences and change it from there, which is a huge down comparing it to Chrome, which allows you to change settings on the go, without using the OS System Preferences.

Who wins?

Now we believe that Chrome wins, with a slight lead on Safari, but it really comes down to your needs. If you live in Apple's system, you may enjoy Safari more, and if you're from an Android device, you would use Google Chrome.

Thinking about it, there are many alternatives out there, such as DuckDuckGo, Opera, Brave Browser and many more, suited for your needs.

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