Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Won't Have Glucose Sensors?

May 14, 2021

Samsung, like they do every year, is going to release another smartwatch - the Galaxy Watch 4 and the Galaxy Watch Active 4. The two smartwatches are expected to go through some drastic changes. As well all may know by now, there have been many rumours circulating that the latest Samsung smartwatches won't have the Tizen OS - rather Google's WearOS.

samsung galaxy watch active

As well as this, neither the Galaxy Watch 4 or the Galaxy Watch Active 4 will be equipped with a sensor capable of reading the user’s glucose level, claims some of the latest reports. This was one of the more interesting rumored specifications that may have come with the upcoming smartwatch series, as a non-intrusive method of reading blood glucose levels would’ve been a game-changer for prospective buyers who might be suffering from diabetes.

Samsung Smartwatches Dimensions

Software and sensors aside, the upcoming Galaxy smartwatches will reportedly have different dimensions compared to the ongoing Galaxy Watch 3 and Galaxy Watch Active 2. Samsung will apparently try to make the Galaxy Watch Active 4 a bit smaller. If the rumors are correct, the smartwatch will be released in two variants measuring 40mm and 42mm as opposed to 40mm / 44mm. In contrast, the Galaxy Watch 4 variants will reportedly be slightly larger than the predecessors, measuring 42mm and 46mm instead of 41mm / 45mm.


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