Samsung will show the Z-Folding, rollable and foldable and more this week

Zain A
May 19, 2021

Samsung has recently been the king of the folding smartphone market this year, and more phones are to come out this same week. These smartphones are said to be able to roll, fold and do the basic features of a folding phone altogether.

Samsung has announced that they will indeed be releasing a new smartphone on the table, and is also said to be better then the Moto folding phones, stop trying to brag.

samsung 21

More details about the Samsung phone

Samsung's phone fold may out to at least 7.2 inches, but folding the device twice provides a huge bezel, making it hard to hold and not really making a good user experience, and just making it hard to hold from the left side.

This is just a proto type being released to the public, so don't get your hopes up if it isn't what you'd think it is. When it is folded fully, the cameras pay a little visit, each being laid carefully on it.

All of these different features give us an idea of what Samsung can do with the correct tech, such as soon creating a folding tablet, a smartwatch with a sponser from a GPU company, such as AMD or NVIDIA.


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