Samsung's Galaxy Watch 4 Features Confirmed

May 25, 2021

As we all may know, there have been many reports stating that the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 is due for major changes. However, it's not just the design and features. There have been rumours that the next Samsung smartwatch will be running a different OS. They may be ditching the Tizen OS to move over to Google's Wear OS. All of those are rumours, we now have some things that we can confirm.

Confirmed Features for the Latest Samsung wearable

The newest Samsung smartwatch could have up to three variants. One of the variants will have a more classic design to reflect the original wristwatches. The second will be the Galaxy Watch Active - which will have a sporty look with more specialised sporty elements. The models have the codenames 'Wise', 'Fresh' and 'Lucky'. Wise is the watch with the classic design elements and the rotating bezel. The latter two are going to be the sport models.


Yes, the Tizen OS is going to be replaced with Wear OS. However, it is going to also come with One UI 3.x. This is a new version of One UI for the Samsung wearable devices. The Galaxy Watch 4 is going to have the look and feel we are used to but there is going to be another OS running. There are also going to be New SmartThings features - something that I am personally pretty excited about.

Closing the gap between Apple and Samsung further is a feature where you can send short voice messages to friends. This is a feature that Apple has had for a bit of time now.

The launch of this wearable device is unknown. However, we can make some guesses. It could be that the Galaxy Watch 4 could be unveiled along with Samsung's latest foldable smartphones. If this is true, then we can expect a heap of devices to be looking at all at once in July.


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