TikTok Glitch Bans Millions Of Users

Zain A
May 4, 2021

TikTok is a famous social media platform, that many people use. Lately, users have been banned due to a glitch. Many people are complaining and others are saying they will quit.
There was another glitch where it made the follower count display as a 0.

If your account has been banned, try appealing here

TikTok error banning accounts

The social media platform said that they fixed the error, but many accounts were left banned.

It seems as though both Android and IOS platforms have gotten the issue, and all TikTok headquarters can do is sit and help users.

Users are all asking, "anyone else's TikTok down?"
The social media platform's Twitter has not shown any more updates yet, but the app may be in big trouble. The "#TikTokDown" is now extremely popular on the social media platform, Twitter, and complaints are higher than a tsunami. One user said: 'I am a creator with more than 2 million followers. I think it was a mistake that I was banned since my content is mostly for children and adolescents. 

'I have dedicated a lot hours to creating content for this app and I would like get my account back.' 

Accounts below thirteen have been banned and even if you do put the wrong age, there's a low chance of getting it back.

User who's account is wrongfully banned.

To get your account back, you must contact the social media company's services.
TikTok's email is:

[email protected]

Many users have been having this problem, but if you do, you're not alone.

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